Asha Sharifuddin

Sunday, December 30, 2012, 2:48 PM
Time to school is arround the corner -,-

Hopeless !

Assalamualaikum and hai peeps. How your day? Today is 31/12/12. The last day of 2012 yeah. But today i dont wanna i talk about that. This entry is about school ! Oh, i hate school. I wanna spent my holiday AGAIN even in this room. You know that i'm lazy to go for school. Ughh, 3/4 of my stuff have been already but myself? dont ready yett ! 
Before school holiday ,badar said that we have to hafal surah and you know what? Aku tak hafal lagi -,- The time that badar tanya boleh hafal ke tidak we all say yes termasuk aku , when i go home, tak hafal pun ==' . I will diee , i will die kalau macam ni , dua surah pulak tu -,- Chill munirah chill balik ni hafal lah *me whisper myself* By the way , i will have a junior !! Ohh , tk sabar nak buli , haha *kidding* . Im pretty sure that my batch will be a busiest batch in the school ! Lebih busy dari f5. But , im happy because my close friend is my dormmate! yeayy! *happy* One atas katil , one hujung barisan and one is bertentangan and dia kd.
Okey that all je kot ? Today i will hang with my bestfriends in aeon and before that we will singgah rumah nazmi because ada even dkt rumah dia. I cant wait for today. Hope today is our memorized day in 2012 ! Okey baibai peeps :)

thank you

with love